Perform better

The services available from Comsave improve your Business Internet, telephony and company network.

Customer service

We do not believe in queues and selection menus. When you call us you are directly connected to a qualified employee as you require.

Custom solutions

Our advisers can assist you to find the most appropriate solution for your company and they can be reached at23 8901750. +31 (0)88 999 5555

Compare and order online

Fibre optic, cable or DSL? We understand that with so many Internet service providers available it could be difficult to decide. View this clip for more clarity. We have also developed a few handy online tools for you such as the bandwidth calculator, Internet speed test and the postcode checker.

Service to give you a smile

All networks

Business fibre optic, cable, 4G or radio waves? We can provide the local connection that best suit your needs. We can also provide temporary connections and solutions.


We are always looking for the latest innovations and the best solutions. Our service platforms are geared for the future.

Help desk

Our help desk is manned by qualified personnel who are ready to assist you. No need for call forwarding or waiting.

Always available

Our advisers are always available and they would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Better performance

Connect employees and locations in an optimal manner. Our customers perform better when they are using our networks.   

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important for us and for this reason we are constantly working on further improving it.


It could be very advantageous for you if your company is located in a business complex as Comsave can provide some very interesting offers for you and the other tenants in the building. We would like to tell you in person more about the options we have available. Would you like to get in touch with an adviser immediately? Call us at +31 (0)88 999 5555 or send us an e-mail to make an appointment.
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